Additional Services


Additional services include the creation of basic and specific enquiries, comparative research of relevant databases and additional direct market research (surveys) aimed at creating databases according to clients’ requirements (custom made databases).

Basic enquiries

According to your requirements, we may prepare databases with the data filtered by activity, territory or using a combination of these parameters.

The standard set of information in thus obtained databases consists of the following data:

- firm (company) name

- company (registration) number

- tax ID number

- place

- zip (postal) code

- street and number

- municipality

- district (area)

- telephone

- telefax

- e-mail

- web address

The price of a database made using a basic enquiry with the above-mentioned data, regardless of the enquiry complexity and data amount, is EUR 50.

Extended enquiries

Additional information we may provide requires comparative research of available relevant databases. This extended set of information includes some of the following data:

- name and surname of a director (CEO)

- number of employees

- status

- legal form

- date of establishment

- additional telephone and fax numbers

- additional e-mail addresses

Each of these data is charged separately and added to the price of a basic enquiry.

Specific (financial) enquiries

We can also provide additional information from regular annual financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss account), data on the taxpayer’s size according to financial statements, information of current account numbers, information on possible blocked/frozen accounts, amounts and account blocking period. The price for this service is negotiable and in accordance with the price of a basic database for which the specific research is carried out.


The payment is made according to an invoice with the payment instructions; 30% advance payment and the remaining amount after delivery.

Please, do not hesitate to ask any question or to send any enquiry. Use our contact form or write directly to our e-mail address:

We shall reply to every enquiry with a specific offer.